Sunday, September 30, 2012

Preggatinis: Baby Bump Breeze

it's no wonder that, as any red-blooded American woman would, i've been missing the refreshing goodness of adult beverages. just last week we got our bi-annual shipment of St. Supery's Moscato wine. i already warned Dave that we were saving ALL OF IT until i could have it. and going to the Hollywood Bowl just isn't the same without  your cheese AND wine.

luckily, until this hot weather recently, i haven't been jonesing much for anything alcoholic. in fact, much of the time, it sounds or smells pretty disgusting. but one of our good friends picked this book up for me and last night i tried my first Preggatini! it's a very creative book on mixed non-alcoholic beverages that even have a "de-virginize" section for Dad!
last night's first foray into the Preggatini's was the "Baby Bump Breeze." The ingredients were fairly simple:

1. 2 ounces cranberry juice
2. 3 ounces pineapple juice
3. 2 ounces blood orange Italian soda (which can be hard to find. the easiest way to make Italian soda is to find Torani syrup-available at Bev Mo, and mix it with some Pelligrino. BAM!)

tada! the Baby Bump Breeze!
p.s. i MADE Dave give it to me in a fancy cup, not just a regular glass. i needed the full effect.

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