Thursday, November 1, 2012

rockers, gliders, recliners, oh my!

i've just passed my 6 month mark and have yet to make any headway on preparing for this baby outside the womb. sure, i've taken care of myself, exercised, ate and slept well. but come look at my barren nursery and baby clothes and you'll know i should probably get crack-a-lackin'.

i had a really hard time deciding what i wanted Little Wood's nursery colors to be. i was pretty dead set on avoiding pink. but i found some ridiculously gorgeous swaddling blankets that i fell in love with and decided to use them to tie my colors together. sooo... pink and grey it is! a very light pink, that is.

i've known for quite some time that Babies 'r us would not have the look i was going for in terms of bedding and since i chose Aden + Anais blankets with unique patterns, i knew i would have to piece this room together on my own. thank the Lord for Pinterest!

i wanted white furniture desperately, but husband nixed that idea right away. sad day for me. so i decided to go with black, though i thought it was a tad boring, what with all our other black furniture, and not very nursery-ish. ::sigh:: since i couldn't decide on a crib, i opted to start picking out room essentials by selecting a glider. i truly HATE the 90's style rockers that are part wood, part cushion. they just are not me. i wanted more of an armchair look that i could actually use after the wee babe was grown. holy cow those things are expensive! I could barely find one under $800, much less lower that $500. not only that, but how hard is it to find one in grey that looks decent? hard, let me tell you:

but alas, 99% of these were still out of my price range. until one day last week i hit the jackpot and found the chair i've been looking for!
it is the ONLY dark grey glider i've been able to find and i couldn't believe i found it on sale at Target! i knew this was not a likely registry gift from someone, so i bought it myself and left the ottoman as a potential gift for the future. don't get me wrong, i wouldn't call this "cheap" by any means, but it was still way less expensive than anything else i've found. and my favorite one so far. now all i need is Little Wood to complete the picture!

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