Thursday, February 6, 2014

Olivia Dell: 10 Months

Height/Weight: I am so bad and didn't measure either of these at 10 months! based on my powers of deduction, she weighed about 19 pounds, and is probably about 30 inches (as she's still a decent bit of ways from the top of her car seat). bad mommy!

Feeding: I haven't bought pureed food in forever! Unless you count the food pouches, which I only buy for when we are out and about because they are easy- not because she needs pureed food ;) Olivia is pretty much entirely a "table eater" now and eats what we eat. It has forced me to actually cook dinner, and at a decent hour.  She still loves her puffs, can suck all the food out of a food pouches, and is getting so good at eating with her pincher fingers!

Clothing:  still haven't worn shoes! i went on a one day shopping scour of shoes and she hasn't even worn them after i read a whole bunch of stuff that discouraged shoes on babies until they've been walking for 6 months. oh well! as for clothes, we are into 12 month sizes! waaaahhhhh. 6 months sizes are pretty much out the window and 12 month pants are almost a must with her long legs.

Sleep:  Olivia continues to be a good night sleeper, and only gives us a serious hard time when she's teething. Her nap times have been throwing me for a loop, as she has at least 3 days a week where she only takes 1 nap! I'm not ready to have a 1-napper!

Milestones: Olivia is an efficient crawler, stair climber, and puller-upper. She is a chatterbox, telling people "hi" on the phone and when she seems someone new. she also knows how to pull open drawers and get into kitchen cabinets!

Firsts: Olivia celebrated her first Thanksgiving and Christmas! She also ate her first Christmas cookie, met Santa, and opened her first present!!

Holidays gone by...

I've been super disappointed in myself these past few months about not keeping this blog updated. I've gone back and forth between being too busy, too tired, not interested, etc. Good thing for me, I haven't stopped taking millions of pictures, so I can return to blogging and hopefully catch up!

First things first: Olivia's first smattering of holidays! I've managed to completely miss Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas blogging. For Halloween, miss Ollie was an owl, of course! I was actually trying to avoid it because everyone knows how much I love owls and I really don't want anyone to think I'm projecting on to her, but I found the cutest outfit so oh well. To celebrate, we went to my dad and step moms neighborhood party and walked around a little. nothing too fancy!

I didn't plan on hosting Thanksgiving this year, but we had somewhat of a family ER illness come up so I ended up cooking for Dave and myself. Then, my dad, step mom and step sister ended up coming over so we had a family dinner after all! Ollie got to have her first Thanksgiving dinner and she loved it!

Christmas was amazing! I tried to celebrate all month long with cookie making with my mom, Christmas tree decorating, parties with friends, a visit with Santa, Christmas light watching, Christmas Eve church services, and gifts at my parents!

This first holiday season for Olivia was wonderful! I think back to the holidays last year when I imagined what it would be like with her here with us, and it went way beyond my expectations. I can't wait for many more to come :)