Tuesday, June 18, 2013

baby blue (dodger blue, that is)

blogging is getting fewer and farther between and i'm sorry! but i'll get right to the pleasantries of Olivia's very first Dodger game.

to be honest, when i first found out we were having a baby, i dreamed of this moment. the first clothes we bought her were a three-pack of Dodger onesies and she she finally fits in them, all this time later. it was such a sweet moment for both Dave and I to take her to first game, and here are some of our favorite pics.

this picture is giant because blogger keeps trying to distort this image and it's making me mad. so TA DA!

 awww, a proud dad.

very impressed with our awesome seats.

another huge picture

warm and toasty!

what's a Dodger game without a little nap?

our all time favorite picture! She looks so cute bundled up and looking like she actually knows what's going on.
while the Dodgers didn't win (i think they ended up losing 7-0), we didn't care. i can't wait for many more games in our future!