Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bumpdate- 23 Weeks

How far along: 23 weeks, 4 days in this picture, 23 weeks, 7 days today!
Baby is the size of: an ear of corn
Extra poundage: i was going to say 10+ what with how far along i am, but after walking the hills of San Francisco i feel like i lost a few.
Bump status: bigger. not big yet.
Favorite food of the week: PIE!!!!
Heartburn worthy foods: pizza. i don't know why i keep eating it when I KNOW it will give me HB, but i can't help it.
Favorite piece of clothing this week: my new Heidi Klum gray maternity pants! so cute and comfy.
Movement: a lot now. the other day i was laying down and could see it from the outside.
Sleep: still great. definitely feeling side pain when i wake up. i feel like everything is getting squished and then when i get up it can stretch out.
Pee trips in the night: 2
Guilty pleasure:  whilst on our babymoon (pics and post to come) we went to Morton's and i ate like a queen! filet mignon- oscar style, onion bread, asparagus, sour cream mashed potatoes, key lime pie, oh my!
Baby purchases this week:  yes i did! i bought the most amazing gray glider for the wee babe's room (pics and post to come as well) and i can't wait until it arrives.
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving! it's so close!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Preggatinis: Momosa

The hubs made me this next Preggatini awhile back, but i forgot to post about it. it's probably my favorite so far, and it's called the Momosa! you can guess what it's mirrored after- one of my beloved breakfast cocktails, the Mimosa. It's by far, the easiest Preggatini to make and this is how:

1. 3 ounces Orange Juice
2. 1.5 ounces nonalcoholic sparkling wine (i recommend Fre) or club soda

voila! you have the Momosa!

p.s. this should also be called the "baby shaker" because whenever i have it, Little Wood goes crazy! that's probably also why it's currently my favorite :)

Bumpdate- 22 Weeks

How far along: 22 weeks, 5 days.
Baby is the size of: a papaya. i don't know why, but i think that's too cute.
Extra poundage: i weighed myself at the gym and am somewhere in between 8-9 pounds.
Bump status: i feel the same size as last week, and my belly button is still sore!
Favorite food of the week: purple grapes are sounding mighty good these days.
Heartburn worthy foods: italian food. we had it for lunch the other day at work and i think the tomato is just too much for the wee babe!
Favorite piece of clothing this week: my sweatpants. i've been able to relax at home for the better part of the last three days and have worn them every day!
Movement: feeling it every day now, without a doubt. she isn't super consistent, but i tend to feel her most when i'm just waking up or lying down on the couch. sometimes i want to taunt her out of sleeping so she will move more, but i'm not that cruel (yet!).
Sleep: still pretty awesome. however i'm noticing a little more frequent turning in the night, as well as my lower back becoming a tad achy.
Pee trips in the night: 2-3. the nights with 3 are driving me crazy!
Guilty pleasure:  chai tea latte's again- hot, cold, whatever. they are delicious and i love them.
Baby purchases this week:  no baby purchased, but i've bought 4 more pairs of pants! relax, two are for work and i finally got some maternity jeans.
Looking forward to: our babymoon this weekend! we are heading to san francisco for our last getaway before the wee babe arrives.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bumpdate- 21 Weeks

How far along: 21 weeks, 6 days.
Baby is the size of: spaghetti squash. i don't even know what that is, so look here.
Extra poundage: still only know the 7 pounds for sure. but i definitely feel heavier as of late. when i get out of bed there's definitely some extra weight going on there.
Bump status: the bump is growing, along with the wee babe. it took this long, but it's definitely a hard bump now. my belly button is also starting to look a little shady. part of it is an outie now, and it's even a little sore ;(
Favorite food of the week: purple grapes are sounding mighty good these days.
Heartburn worthy foods: we had El Torito for a lunch at work and i think i'm done with that for awhile. bad heartburn, bad!
Favorite piece of clothing this week: back to my sports bras at night :( it feels like a lot of extra clothing but if i don't wear them, i pay for it in the morning!
Movement: Little Wood is on the move every day now! i love lying in bed in the morning and feeling her go crazy. i feel her most at night or in the morning when i'm laying down, but have been feeling her throughout the day too! the best part of the week was dave putting his hand on my belly at JUST the right moment and he felt it from the outside!
Sleep: amazing. but i'm noticing the tiredness creeping back into my bones. 7:30pm rolls around and i'm exhausted!
Pee trips in the night: pretty consistent at 2.
Guilty pleasure: Dave got some Marie Callendar's Key Lime Pie last night and that will probably keep me guilty until it's gone.
Baby purchases this week:  no baby purchases (i honestly haven't had time) but i have updated my registries quite a bit.
Looking forward to: hopefully not being so tired this week!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bumpdate- 20 Weeks

How far along: 20 weeks, 5 days. i can't believe i'm half way done!
Baby is the size of: banana!
Extra poundage: the doctor has confirmed- 7 pounds overall. she even went so far as to say my weight gain is "beautiful." hi yo!
Bump status: it's there. sometimes i'm walking by a mirror and do a double take. also, this last doctor visit started my measuring. i was measured while lying down and measured at 21CM. you are supposed to measure up to 2CM higher or lower than how many weeks you. so, i'm right on schedule!
Favorite food of the week: nada.
Heartburn worthy foods: i braved 5 Guys burger and definitely felt a bout of HB coming on. however i was prepared and had my handy, dandy bag o'Tums with me. i cut it off at the source and was ok!
Favorite piece of clothing this week: i would still say my Maternity work pants. i've tried shopping for some more clothes, but am truly hating everything out there. as far as shirts go, EVERYTHING is a T-shirt. it's getting really annoying.
Movement: definitely feeling it now and am so excited. i feel LW every day, mostly when i'm sitting on the couch or home desk. i've learned to relax more, just in anticipation of feeling it!
Sleep: pretty good. i also confirmed with the doctor this week that i DON'T have to just sleep on my left side. she said it was a ridiculous notion to think anyone could sleep on 1 side for 20 weeks, and that nothing bad will happen to baby if i decide to sleep on my right side, or ::gasp:: even my back.  there is absolutely no risk in cutting off circulation to LW and that if i felt uncomfortable, that was my cue to move. that being said, sleeping freely and awesome.
Pee trips in the night: pretty consistent at 2.
Guilty pleasure: probably coffee. Dave's boss got us some Kona coffee and it's delicious!
Baby purchases this week:  baby hangers! and I also started my registry on Amazon and Target. check them out!
Looking forward to: picking out nursery furniture and getting LW's room going.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a new home for the wee babe

two weeks ago, Dave and I did something we've been wanting to do for years. we MOVED! yes, after 7 1/2 years in our apartment we decided the time had come. so we looked for condos to rent, since we aren't ready to buy yet, but came up short. as in, there was nothing i was willing to drop $5K on for a security deposit.

so we lamed out and moved next door. yes, i know. anticlimactic. but truly, i can't even tell you how much I HATE MOVING. and moving while pregnant, even early on, is no fun. i dread packing and purging and risking the beauty of my items to nicks and dents. but next door offered a two bedroom, totally remodeled, and for not much more than what we were paying for our 1 bedroom. and it had been vacant for over three months. so i kinda figured it was meant to be. it took the pressure off finding a new place in our price range, and definitely relieved me from moving anxiety.

so here's to our new home! the wee babe will have her own room (and bathroom- ooo, schnazzy!). here's the tour:

our bedroom, complete with accent wall. luckily, the people before us had decent taste and kept the walls nice. so when they moved out, they left them painted for us!
kitchen. newly refaced cabinets, even though they are a tad smaller than our old ones.
living room- new entertainment unit!
my "desk area" in our bedroom. this is before i got a chair :)
dining room
and finally, the wee babe's room! see our lovely decorations? a light and Dave's old Care Bear. i'm not sure what color the nursery will be the current color ain't half bad. i'm really excited to have room to nest now, and will keep you posted on what nursery plans i come up with!