Wednesday, April 24, 2013

big baby, sad mommy

my Little Wood is 8 weeks old today! time has flown by, and i can't believe how much she has grown developmentally and physically! a few weeks ago i went to dress her in her going home outfit, because it's so darn cute and she was only 5 weeks. but much to my chagrin, it was too small for her! it took me by complete surprise because i see her every day, and it didn't seem like she had grown that much. but she snuck up on me and outgrew her clothes before my very eyes.

here she is next to her once baggy outfit:
she mostly outgrew it in her length, and as you can see she is one gangly baby. we've always known her legs were long, but apparently she's growing in her torso too! the outfit she is wearing in the photo is also probably on it's last leg. it's getting a little too snug around her growing midsection. it makes me sad that she's already outgrowing the first things i bought for her, but i'm excited to see LW with some meat on her bones!

here are a few more things she's outgrown, all newborn sizes, in the last 2-3 weeks.
(p.s.: that's not a stain in the lower right hand corner of the picture, just my shadow!) i'm excited for LW to wear some new outfits, but surprisingly the jump to 0-3 month clothes is quite drastic. most are still too long, and some are definitely too wide. Note to FTM's: the Target Circo brand is made for extremely WIDE babies. i bought a newborn sized onesie the other day because it was so cute, and it was still too wide for LW, nearly 8 weeks along. ahh, baby problems.

more to come on Olivia's new outfits!

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