Tuesday, December 24, 2013

9 Month Favorites

Old Navy Bow Graphic ankle socks: these are the ONLY non skid socks I can find so far, which amazes me considering I have all 6-12 month sizes and most babies are at least standing by this age span. Anyways, I got these as a gift in 0-6 month sizes and they are very cute and soft. My only complaint is the size- they are huge in 6-12. I figured since the 0-6 were seriously too small that these would fit, but they are  big and keep falling off. Oh well, they'll fit eventually!

Fisher Price Go Baby Go! Poppity Pop Musical Dino: Olivia LOVES this toy! She plays with it at a friends house and also at church. I actually have two of them because our first one didn't pop right so Fisher Price sent us a brand new one for free! It's easy enough for her to play with starting back at 5 months or so and she still loves it now. I've even started to find non-ball objects inside, like blocks and pacifiers. Clearly she thinks this is funny.

Vicks Baby Rub: since Olivia had her first cold/cough, we used this a lot for a few days. It's different than the adult kind so if you need it for an infant, be sure you get the BABY one. We rubbed it on her feet and chest and it seemed to really help her congestion.

Baby Orajel Tooth & Gum Cleanser: Baby's first toothbrush! My dental hygienist told me that we should start rubbing Olivia's gum with a washcloth or finger brush even before she got teeth, so I bought this pack. At first she thought I was insane and would just try to bite the finger brush. Now she loves it! Every night we "brush the toofers" as my song goes, and she even spits out her pacifier when she sees me coming with it! I think she likes the feeling.

Circo Stripe Bath Mat: LW is a big girl now and takes regular baths! I used her baby sponge mat for as long as I could but now that she's crawling she wants to be mobile in the bath too. This mat is great! It's pretty large and inexpensive and really keeps her from slipping in the tub (except of course, when she wants to stand!). I pull it up after every bath so we don't get mildew and it stays nice and clean.

Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover: we got this before Olivia was even born as a gift and finally put it on the spout at our new place. I NEVER worry that she will bonk her head on the spout when she's crawling around at the end of the tub. It's made for a shower pully that goes up and not out like ours, but since she has her own bathroom, we aren't using her tub for showers anyways.

With only 3 days until her 10 month birthday, our 10 month favorites aren't far behind! (hopefully)

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