Monday, December 23, 2013

Olivia Dell: 9 Months

Height/Weight: I waited so long for this post because Olivia's 9 month appointment was almost 2 weeks after she turned 9 months, and here we are 4 days before she turns 10 months! Let's just say I'm going to be limping to the finish line to complete this year's updates! Olivia now weights 18 pounds, 6 ounces (was probably a little off in last month's numbers!) and is 29 inches tall! She is in the 90th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight, a huge gain. The doctor is satisfied with her head size and we are all relieved.

Feeding: Olivia is now eating 3 8-9 ounce bottles a day: 1 around 7am (depending on the kind of night we've had, sleepwise), 1 at 1pm, and 1 around 6:30pm. She has rice cereal, cheerios, and sometimes scrambled eggs for breakfast, a fruit puree, some puffs, and half a piece of whole wheat bread for lunch, and usually a veggie puree and a little meat puree. However, all this is slowly evolving into "big girl" food because I'm over the purees and she doesn't seem to mind. No matter how much I feed her, she ALWAYS want to have what I'm eating. It's actually more fun to give her mini size portions of what we are having, and she likes it.

Clothing:  We are now into all 9 month clothes and a lot of 6-12's in both pants and tops. I packed away a lot of old clothes and filled an entire rubbermaid tub :( It made me so sad to look through her old clothes that fit her just a few months ago. She's even outgrown three pairs of shoes before she even wore them! I got her sized and she's a 3.5 in shoes, but still fits in 0-6 month in Robeez slip on styles. I got her a pair, but she's yet to wear them.

Sleep: Ollie is officially sleeping through the night! For the first five days it happened, Dave and I kept waiting for her to change her mind. But here we are, over a month in and it's the real deal and it's awesome. The only time she's given us trouble is if she's not feeling well. This last month she got a nasty cold and cut 2 top teeth so the nights were a little bit of a doozy. But once she's feeling better, she's sleeping better!

Milestones: We have a crawler! Olivia is quite the mover and I love hearing her little hands slap the floor when she's coming my way. She pulls herself up on everything and can scoot around the coffee table, couch, and her activity table. She's also started to crawl up the stairs (already got a baby gate!) and over me to get to a toy. Olivia also waves good bye, claps, and says "uh oh." She is growing by leaps and bounds now!

Firsts: Olivia celebrated her first Halloween (as an Owl!) and picked out her first Christmas tree at Peltzer Pines. She also cut her first (2!) top teeth, started crawling, and had her first cold and trip to the doctor's for a sick visit.


I see top teeth!

First cold :(

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