Thursday, February 6, 2014

Olivia Dell: 10 Months

Height/Weight: I am so bad and didn't measure either of these at 10 months! based on my powers of deduction, she weighed about 19 pounds, and is probably about 30 inches (as she's still a decent bit of ways from the top of her car seat). bad mommy!

Feeding: I haven't bought pureed food in forever! Unless you count the food pouches, which I only buy for when we are out and about because they are easy- not because she needs pureed food ;) Olivia is pretty much entirely a "table eater" now and eats what we eat. It has forced me to actually cook dinner, and at a decent hour.  She still loves her puffs, can suck all the food out of a food pouches, and is getting so good at eating with her pincher fingers!

Clothing:  still haven't worn shoes! i went on a one day shopping scour of shoes and she hasn't even worn them after i read a whole bunch of stuff that discouraged shoes on babies until they've been walking for 6 months. oh well! as for clothes, we are into 12 month sizes! waaaahhhhh. 6 months sizes are pretty much out the window and 12 month pants are almost a must with her long legs.

Sleep:  Olivia continues to be a good night sleeper, and only gives us a serious hard time when she's teething. Her nap times have been throwing me for a loop, as she has at least 3 days a week where she only takes 1 nap! I'm not ready to have a 1-napper!

Milestones: Olivia is an efficient crawler, stair climber, and puller-upper. She is a chatterbox, telling people "hi" on the phone and when she seems someone new. she also knows how to pull open drawers and get into kitchen cabinets!

Firsts: Olivia celebrated her first Thanksgiving and Christmas! She also ate her first Christmas cookie, met Santa, and opened her first present!!

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